Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ileana Hates Iraq, Loves War

How else could you explain her 1.59% lifetime progressive score on votes related to the Iraq war? In addition to her original vote to authorize the war, she voted:
*against making the president work through the United Nations for a solution
*to limit Congressional authority over war spending
*against establishing civil support teams through the National Guard to guard against WMDs
*in favor of castigating France for its Iraq stance
*against investigating the president for lies about the war
*against limiting money given to Halliburton in the wake of their price-gouging
*in favor of giving Bush more power over military reconstruction projects
*against forcing Bush to justify his Iraqi reconstruction plan with an actual plan
*against increased funding for human rights protections for women and girls in Afghanistan
*against requiring competitive bidding on oil contracts in Iraq
*to declare that the United States and the world are safer because Saddam Hussein was removed from power
*against requiring accountability for harsh treatment of Iraqi prison and congressional inquiry into prison abuse
*repeatedly to increase funding for the war in Iraq
*against investigating contracts and federal spending in Iraq and Afghanistan
*against a "sense-of-the-House" resolution calling for the president to develop a plan to withdraw troops from Iraq
*in favor of the troop surge
*repeatedly against setting a deadline for withdrawal from Iraq