Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ileana's In Trouble

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is focused on the wrong things. As usual. Now she wants to indict Fidel Castro.

While there is no doubt that Castro has done a lot of horrible things over the years and should be brought to justice, but, really, is this the type of thing our representatives should be focused on? Is this a matter of doing what's best for Floridians or is it simply pointless political posturing? And why is Ros-Lehtinen posturing so much these days? Two words...

Annette Taddeo.

For once, Ros-Lehtinen has a significant challenger and this scares her.

“I think voters are hungry for new leadership and they have a chance to change the Bush-Lehtinen approach, which has obviously failed us," Taddeo recently told the Miami Herald. She's right.

Taddeo argues that while Cuba is an important issue to South Floridians, it isn't the only one, and pointless posturing on Castro won't fix the situation in Iraq, on which Ros-Lehtinen has blindly followed the president, it it won't get health care to the millions of Americans that don't have it, it won't create one new job and it won't bring down gas prices. Ros-Lehtinen can't talk about those issues, though, because she's part of the problem -- she sided with Bush and helped make all of those problems as bad as they are today. So instead of dealing with real issues, Ros-Lehtinen is pandering and posturing. That's a shame at such an important juncture in American history.

Let Ileana know that this is not what Floridians deserve, donate to the Taddeo campaign.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ileana Hates Our Troops, Reality, Iraq

Naked Politics:

To Petraeus she said: "I trust your reporting and that of our troops on the ground regarding the levels of sectarian violence, over those compiled by individuals and entities who wish to discredit the information to justify an immediate withdrawal," said Ros-Lehtinen, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "For all who have served and died defending what our nation holds dear, I hope we too, raise to the occasion and not let them down by precipitously withdrawing from the fight before the mission is completed."

What mission? Why is it that no Republican can define the mission in Iraq? They say it is to "win." But that doesn't mean anything, either. Why are our troops dying, Ileana?